Central Saint Martins Was My Hogwarts
Wes Gordon | Fashion Designer

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Why Should You Care

Wes Gordon is a New York-based fashion designer known for infusing his pieces with luxury and timeless sophistication with a youthful edge. His designes have been worn by the liked of Lena Dunham, Michelle Obama and Miranda Kerr.

Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Gordon grew up surrounded by the grace and romance of the South. Enamored with high fashion from an early age, Gordon developed a keen interest in the way people express themselves through clothing. Gordon enrolled in the famously competitive Central Saint Martins University of Art and Design in London. Between school semesters, Gordon honed his skills by interning with two industry icons – Oscar de la Renta and Tom Ford.

Upon graduation in 2009, Gordon launched his eponymous line of womenswear and presented his first collection in February at the Fall/Winter 2010 New York Fashion Week.

Wes Gordon has appeared in major national/international publications and has developed a celebrity following. Press and retailers alike praise Gordon for his combination of classic techniques and modern designs.

Additional accolades include the 2012 FGI Rising Star Award, 2012 finalist in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and 2-time recipient of the coveted Swarovski Collective sponsorship (Spring 2013 and Spring 2014).

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When I kind of made the commitment that this is what I wanted to do, I started ordering books of fashion designers – biographies. And one thing I kept coming across in these biographies of McQueen, Galliano was Central Saint Martins.

It just kind of embedded itself in my brain and – come hell or high water – I had to go to Central Saint Martins. It became my Hogwarts, and if I wanted to be a wizard, that’s where I had to go.

You know, there are so many art-focused high schools and middle schools now that it’s… you’re competing with kinds who have been building a portfolio since 6th grade.

So, it was a whole process that I had to figure out. I would have school, and then I would have swim team and then I would have like an SAT tutor, and then I would take like the late, late night cocktails and figure painting class, because that was the only one late enough to fit my schedule at the time at the local art institute. So, I would get home at like midnight to start my homework. I made a little corner of our garage like my art studio, where I was out there working on my portfolio.

And I applied, and I got in and literally packed up my bags and moved to London for 4 years.

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Cinematography: Danielle Calodney & Andi Velazquez

Interviewed by: Laura Lehmann

Edited by: Ethan Young

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