Could Alfonso Ribeiro on Dancing With The Stars Mean More Carlton Dancing?

Why Should You Care

And the answer is YES. Alfonso Ribeiro, Fresh Prince of Bel Air alum, is quoted as saying:

“We will absolutely give the fans what they would love to see, which is the Carlton Dance,” the 42-year-old actor says.

“I gotta give the audience a reason to keep me on,” he added.

We might have to take our Dancing With The Stars virginities and tune in to Season 19 to watch Ribeiro pay homage to his magnum opus, The Carlton Dance, made popular on ‘Fresh Prince,’ and later made immortal by the internet. Here’s to hoping there’s a clause in his contract that stipulates a mandatory 30 minute reprisal of this:

carlton dance fresh prince dancing with the stars

And if Julianne Hough can’t get down with The Carlton Dance…

carlton dance fresh prince gif will smith dancing with the stars

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