Spectral: Not Your Ordinary Eye Exam Featuring Chanel Iman
Not Your Ordinary Eye Exam

Why Should You Care

Do you have 20/20 vision? Ever wonder what it’d be like to wake up one day and lose it all?

Filmmaker Jenna Elizabeth’s explores this very feeling and the “paralysis-like fear” we experience  with the thought of going blind in her film Spectral, starring super model Chanel Iman.

In between dreamy scenes of children playing in the grass and Iman running through golden wheat fields, Elizabeth uses her storytelling skills to illustrate both an individual relationship with sight and SHUANS Eyewear’s philanthropic mission: for each pair of sunglasses sold, SHAUNS donates a pair of vision glasses and sponsors an eye exam for an individual in developing communities around the globe.

But not everything that glitters is gold. During our interview with the filmmaker, she shared some not-so glamorous moments that happened on set,  including an incident with the model’s legs during the wheat field scene, who, despite being covered in blood and marsh water, still managed to ask Jenna if she needed a second take. This is the type of commitment the filmmaker cherishes.

“She was just so giving and generous, and that was really a testament to why she does as well as she does, because she really wanted to make sure that we got the vision of the project and she was fully committed,” Elizabeth says.

Watch Chanel Iman undergo an eye exam like no other in the video above.

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