My Top Tips For A Spontaneous Vacation
Nikki Cohen | Founder, BonVoyaging

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After leaving a position at Pace Gallery in NYC for a spontaneous move to Paris, Nikki Cohen noticed she didn’t have one good place to save all of her recommendations or an easy way to share them with friends. Thus, the idea for Bon Voyaging was born. In her interview, Cohen breaks down the practicals of starting and operating your own successful online platform.


Nikki Cohen is the Founder/CEO of Bon Voyaging, an online travel platform that allows discerning travelers to envision their trips and share itineraries. She aims to help all travelers find authentic experiences and explore new cultures.

Previously, she worked in the art world, most recently in the communications department at Pace Gallery as a special events manager. She oversaw special events, social media and marketing opportunities.

Cohen majored in Art History and History at Washington University in St. Louis and earned her masters in Visual Arts Administration at NYU.

Cohen earned Master of Business Administration at NYU Stern in 2014 all the while running Bon Voyaging.

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So, my biggest travel tip is to always pack a carry-on.

I am a firm believer in carry-on. I love clothes, I love style. I’m not saying you should wear the same thing everyday or have pants that zip to shorts or anything weird like that, but pick really key pieces and make sure you have a carry-on. It’s just so much easier. You never need all the stuff that you pack, ever.

When I went to Paris, we literally left our apartment – nothing else. We just brought one carry-on each, and it literally made all the difference, because you can just pick up and go. And we have plenty of clothes.

And I just think it’s really important to kind of pare down while you’re traveling. You know, bring some cool things but also keep it classic.

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Interviewed by: Laura Lehmann

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