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Nikki Cohen | Founder, BonVoyaging

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Why Should You Care

After leaving a coveted position at Pace Gallery in NYC for a spontaneous move to Paris, Nikki Cohen noticed she didn’t have one good place to save all of her recommendations or an easy way to share them with friends. Thus, the idea for Bon Voyaging was born.

In her interview, Cohen breaks down the practicals of starting and operating your own successful online platform.


Nikki Cohen is the Founder/CEO of Bon Voyaging, an online travel platform that allows discerning travelers to envision their trips and share itineraries. She aims to help all travelers find authentic experiences and explore new cultures.

Previously, she worked in the art world, most recently in the communications department at Pace Gallery as a special events manager. She oversaw special events, social media and marketing opportunities.

Cohen majored in Art History and History at Washington University in St. Louis and earned her masters in Visual Arts Administration at NYU.

Cohen earned Master of Business Administration at NYU Stern in 2014 all the while running Bon Voyaging.

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I think everybody is an aspiring blogger. I’m still an aspiring blogger.

It’s definitely something where you have to put in a lot of energy, and it’s a lot more work than you ever think it’s gonna be.

So, what I think is good is to set a schedule, especially if you do eventually want to make it into a business. Because, obviously you need to be consistent so that you can get advertisers.

For me, in Paris, knowing that I had to blog everyday – that was big for me. So if that’s something you wanna do, go for it and keep going for it.

But on the flip side of that, don’t be like…you know, you don’t really have to be married to the schedule.

Like, if you miss something or if you say you’re gonna do a certain kind of post on a Tuesday and you don’t do it, because you did something else, don’t worry about it.

Just kind of go with the flow, make it easy, make it fun, keep the voice authentic.

If you think you have something to say, try to go with a theme. So obviously, mine was travel. But if you do something, you know, around a hobby you have… if you’re interested in art and you go to a lot of art galleries, that is more interesting than kind of random, everyday thoughts.

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