Everything You Need To Know About Breaking Into The Fashion Industry
Nick Sullivan

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Why Should You Care
  • Fashion Director at Esquire, a highly esteemed men’s lifestyle magazine
  • Started career at a textiles trade magazine, International Textiles
  • Claims winding up in fashion was a “fluke”

Nick Sullivan is a London born style enthusiast who currently sits as fashion director of leading men’s lifestyle publication, Esquire Magazine. His love for fashion peaked during his teen years, which later led him to hold editor positions at GQ UK and Arena Magazine.

Noted as one of the most recognizable faces in menswear, he’s been featured in Complex Magazine’s ‘50 Most Stylish Men in Media’ and snapped by fashion blog pioneer Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist.

While seeking an opportunity outside of his trade magazine role, he landed a position at Esquire that he credits to being at the right place at the right time.

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My name’s Nick Sullivan, I’m Fashion Director of Esquire Magazine in New York.

I think to read online a lot and be knowledgeable. Don’t think a career in fashion is about being in fashion, it’s about work.

I come across people whose main reason for living is so they can be in the fashion business, but once they’re in it they don’t necessarily contribute to the business so much.

It’s almost like a social thing.  And that’s fine if that’s the level you want to be at, but I don’t think you’ll develop a career unless you really are committed to it.  So, you really need to know what part of the industry you want to be in and what you enjoy.  Bear in mind that if you go too deep into one side that it’s harder to cross into another.  If you’re in PR, marketing, editorial, or retail.

Get as much experience as you can would be the best advice and get in, get in anywhere.

An old boss of mine had… someone gave him an engraved plaque on his wall in Latin.  And he said, “I have it behind my desk because every now and then I have to remind myself that we’re just doing a job”.  And I think the people who are successful and grounded and not overly impressed with themselves are an inspiration to me.

I think that from the academic perspective, it almost doesn’t matter what you study; it’s the process of studying that matters. But I think the best rounded writers that I’ve come across studied things like ancient Greek.  The relevance of it is not obvious but it’s cultural.

What I found is that if you learn languages and if you’re able to speak them to a certain level, people trust you more; people think that you understand them more.  Fashion designers all want their vision to be understood.  And I think if you get inside the language, you get inside the culture; if you get inside the culture, then you understand why people do what they do.



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