NASA joins forces with the private sector to relaunch US space travel technologies

Why Should You Care
  • Loren Grush is assistant editor of Popular Science
  • How the public and private sector can work together on space travel
  • Launches planned for 2017

Popular Science editor Loren Grush addresses NASA’s decision to work alongside private companies Boeing and Spacex with enthusiasm. Providing insight into the private versus public debate, Grush argues that the process of competition that the private sector breeds the best environment for innovation and hard work.

Acknowledging that the US has been using Russian technologies since 2011, Grush expresses NASA’s excitement of being able to finally use US-owned rockets. By joining forces with these companies, NASA will be saving up to half of their own spending on sending US astronauts on Russian rockets, which can cost up to $71 million per person. For precautionary purposes, NASA will be engaging in rigorous testing of Boeing and Spacex rocket technologies, but they do plan on launching rockets by 2017.

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