Living Off My Mini Fridge During the Egypt Revolution
Lara Setrakian | Journalist

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Why Should You Care

Lara Setrakian, named one of the Top Women of 2012 by Marie Claire Magazine, is a journalist and foreign correspondent with extensive experience in the Middle East.

Hailing from New Jersey and New York City, Setrakian graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College with a degree in Government. She later received her MBA from Harvard Business School. After Harvard, Setrakian briefly worked as a business analyst with McKinsey & Company.

Setrakian left the business world, however, to become a journalist. She began as a reporter for ABC News, where she appeared on Good Morning AmericaWorld NewsThis Week and Nightline.

Setrakian left New York to move to the Middle East, where she covered regional conflicts in the Arab world and Iran. In 2008, Setrakian covered violent unrest in Lebanon and the oil price crises in Saudi Arabia. She was praised for her 2009 coverage of the Iranian presidential election.

Beginning in 2010, Setrakian was then hired by Bloomberg Television to cover the events of the Arab Spring. Setrakian notably interviewed Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Setrakian recently founded Syria Deeply, an independent single-topic news site focusing on stories and commentary about the war in Syria.

Setrakian was recently named a 2012 Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum’s YGL group.

Read It

When i look back on my 20s , the defining moments where I realized I could make it on my own, I mean they were really random and really powerful.

I remember being in Egypt during the revolution and a friend called me to say you know I don’t think the food trucks are going to get into Cairo. I think your going to run out of food.

So I started clearing out the mini bar everyday, and I just had a stash of snickers bars and pringles and whatever was in there.

And every day they would refill it and every day i would clear it out again and just keep this stash, just like you know what, I’m going to survive, I’m going to figure this out. If I’m surviving off of snickers bars for the next two months, that’ll be fine. I’m going to build myself this little nest egg of junk food, but at least I know I’ll be okay!

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