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Jonathan Shokrian | Entrepreneur

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Jonathan Shokrian might have the best job in the world: designing, marketing, and photographing panties. The MeUndies founder talks about his first gig listing products on Ebay, pursuing his entrepreneurial vision, and his biggest piece of advice for young companies.


Jonathan Shokrian is an Armenian-American clothing designer and entrepreneur who, with best friend Barak Diskin, founded underwear company MeUndies.

MeUndies strives to create comfortable, high-quality and fashionable underwear whilst cutting out the middle man–Selling to consumers directly through the company’s website, with a monthly subscription option. The company has had considerable success, having been profiled as a hipper, sexier alternative to comfortable underwear.

Shokrian is a Los Angeles-native who first had success at age 16, when he began selling electronics on eBay. He eventually became one of the top 200 sellers on the website.

Shokrian then moves to Dallas in order to attend Southern Methodist University while also opening a Dallas branch of his father’s real estate company. There, he claims he learned how manage people as well as run a business.

When he was 22, Shokrian moved back to LA, where he briefly took up fashion and concert photography.

Shokrian first had the idea for MeUndies while traveling in Europe with his buddies. While in Amsterdam, Shokrian remarked how he hated having to wear athletic underwear to deal with the sweltering European summer heat. Thus, the idea for MeUndies was born: Comfortable underwear one could feel sexy and stylish wearing.

MeUndies now sells both men’s and women’s underwear and apparel.

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I’m Jonathan Shokrian and I’m the founder and CEO of

When I was 18 we moved to Dallas for 6 years to go to school and work for my father’s real estate company. First I was doing management and that literally had to do with anyone calling and complaining about a roof leak to a, you know, a backed up sink and, all the problems you deal with in that regards. But then eventually I learned a great deal on how to manage people, how to keep costs low and run a company. While I was in high school I had a cousin who would sell electronics wholesale. I came up with the idea of taking his product and listing it on E-bay. We were one of the top 200 sellers on Ebay. Once he figured out kinda how to run it, he quickly kind of got rid of me. So it was a really early lesson on like, how business works, the good and the bad that comes with it.

With the company I launched me undies we apply a lot of the same ideas that that company had, which is basically take a product and sell it direct to the consumer while you’re cutting out the retail middle man. We’re manufacturing the goods and we’re selling it to ourselves through our channel. So the idea was initially to do men’s underwear, and shortly after, I think probably 2 months after, we launched with our women’s line. We’re really not trying to be a Victoria’s Secret, ultra sexy, it’s not our style, what our style really is comfortable, basic, something that you can where every single day, but also flattering. Like you’re boyfriend will also appreciate you wearing, he’s not going to look at you like your crazy. Our idea was kind of marketing to men, with the sex appeal of women. We’ve advertised on porn websites, we were one of the first few fashion brands to do that. We got a ton of press. We have a lot of fun with it, we don’t try and take ourselves too seriously, it’s a very fun brand. Foreplay has never been so amazing than in our underwear.

It’s pretty fun coming here every single day. Today for instance, we had a casting and there were 40 girls, 30 girls in here dropping down to their underwear, and I was in the corner, you know, working, and it’s nice. A lot of my friends have told me “why are you still doing women’s? You’re barely selling women’s underwear.” I fought to the tooth to like, keep it. So this is our famous boxer brief, it’s by far our best seller. I’m going to give you a pair and if you want to put it on right now, you’re more than welcome to.

My biggest piece of advice for anyone trying to start a company would really be, once you have the idea and the concept, formalize it, take the initial steps. You don’t need a lot of money to get samples for a product or to do a simple design of what a website might look like or get that initial product or whatever it is you’re trying to create and show it to someone. If you’re really passionate about what you trying to do, which I hope anyone who’s trying to create, start a new company. Like some guy you know, like creates a company and over night it’s like a huge success and you know, and he’s done nothing and you also might, you know not like him. And you’re like WOW, this guy just created the greatest company and I’m like sweating for a year and a half. You can’t let that deter you; it takes a lot of hard work. Doing something you love and staying motivated.

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