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Jean-Georges Vongerichten | Chef

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Why Should You Care
  • World-famous chef that pioneered Asian fusion cuisine
  • Worked with Top Chefs in the South of France
  • Authored 5 cookbooks

Jean-Georges Vongerichten is a legendary French chef, who pioneered modern Asian fusion cuisine.

Born and raised on the outskirts of Strasbourg in Alsace, France, Vongerichten first fell in love with food at age 16, when his parents brought him to a 3-star Michelin-rated restaurant for a birthday dinner.

Vongerichten began his training soon after in a work-study program at the Auberge de l’ill as an apprentice to Chef Paul Haeberlin. He went on to work with the top chefs in France, including Paul Bocuse and Louis Outhier at L’Oasis in the south of France.

During his 20s, Chef Jean-Georges traveled throughout Asia where developed his love for the exotic and aromatic flavors of the East. He would go on to marry such flavors with his traditional European culinary education.

Jean-Georges runs a constellation of restaurants including the acclaimed Jean-Georges in New York and ShanghaiPrime Steakhouse in Las Vegas and Market in Paris.

He is the author of five cookbooks and has been featured on countless TV shows including Top Chef and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Jean-Georges’ culinary vision has redefined industry standards and revolutionized the way we eat. Yet after years of success, Jean-Georges’ favorite retreat is still the kitchen, and his favorite meals dished from a street cart in Thailand.

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I opened my restaurant very late. I was 24 when I opened Jean Georges in 91 and I went back to school for 2 months. I went to Hunter College, at the time they had a crash course “How to Open a Small Business in New York City,” because I left school at 16 I was like I had no idea because being a chef and being a restaurateur is two different jobs, so I went back to school every day for a couple of hours, every night 8-10. I was like sitting with all these young kids, I was so embarrassed. 34 years old you know, to go back to school was a little, you know I learned the essentials of how to open a small business, how to get the permits and etc etc. so that helped me open Jean Georges.

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