The Best Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me
Carly Hugo | Film Producer

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If you’re interested in becoming a filmmaker, producer, director, or writer


Carly Hugo is a young independent film producer with an already impressive track record. She has produced the work of anyone from Academy Award-nominee Vera Farmiga to Beyoncé.

Born in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1984, Hugo earned a B.A. in Film Studies from Columbia University in 2006. While studying at Columbia, Hugo interned for production companies, worked on various movie sets and worked in script development.

After graduating from Columbia, Hugo co-founded The Group Entertainment, a talent management and film production company, with 3 other partners. The company represents 25 leading film, television and theatre actors, and produces 3-5 films per year.

After 6 years, Carly left the company with her producing partner Matt Parker to found Loveless, a production company.

Hugo produced the video for Beyoncé’s “Rocket,” Vera Farmiga’s directorial debut, Higher Ground (2011), the documentary Hot Coffee (2011), which was awarded a Television Academy Honor from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and indie-hit Bachelorette (2012), starring Kirsten Dunst and Rebel Wilson. Carly also produced Mother of George, a film that recently won Best Cinematography at Sundance. Carly is also currently in production on the film Everything is Copy, a documentary for HBO about the late writer Nora Ephron.

Carly also recently produced “Self-Titled,” an online multi-part doc about Beyoncé’s visual album, directed by Oscar nominee Zach Heinzerling.

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The only time I wanted to quit a movie ever was someone was, the person who was bringing the breakfast was 30 minutes late with the breakfast. And I put on my hood, went behind a truck, called my mom hysterically crying, and I was like “I can’t, I need to go, I quit, I’m leaving!” And she’s like “honey, like wash your face, put on some make up, go find these people some breakfast and calm the F down, like chill out!”

So yeah, I get very life-or-death about things sometimes. So that’s something I would tell young Carly, is that not everything is the end of the world, and there’s always a way out of things, so there’s a lot of times I would panic. And just chill out and like calm down and look at the big picture and realize that you could talk your way out of anything.

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