The Craziest Place to Shoot a Reality TV Show
Alex Seel | Artist + Activist

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Why Should You Care

Alex Seel is a New York-based artist and cast member of Al Jazeera America’s Borderland.

Born and raised in Long Island, Alex Seel became involved in political activism and protests during high school and college.

After studying art in Paris, Seel returned to New York in 2003 to attend the School of Visual Arts, where he received his BFA.

In 2014, Seel was cast as a member of the Borderland docu-series. On Borderland, 6 Americans are confronted with the realities of illegal immigration by retracing the footsteps of dead migrants who perished in the deserts along to US-Mexican border.

Working in both street photography and installation sculpture, Seel has recently been exploring themes of home and diaspora. He lives and works in New York City.

Read It

Yeah, it was like pretty intense! You know… when you watch it, you’re like okay this is insane! And we did stuff that was like, ohhh… that was weird…you know?

So, if you got there, and you weren’t expecting stuff, you were in the wrong.

I had an idea, like I said this my friends they’re like “yo, that’s crazy.” A lot of my friends from Central and South America and the Caribbean were like dude that’s crazy, like why? You know because they know the story.

Like, you know, riding the trains is super dangerous; the desert is super dangerous. Even us, even us walking with a production team. Even us being out there, there’s unknowns that you can’t prepare for.

So someone who’s made that journey, it’s hard for them to fathom just like us going there, like you know what I mean, for a TV show? A lot of it was that, like “Why dude? Why you doin’ that? That’s crazy!”

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Cinematography: Danielle Calodney

Audio by: Andreina Velazquez

Edited by: Danielle Calodney

Interviewed by: Laura Lehmann

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