Who is Molly?

Molly is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker. She produced the Academy Award-nominated documentary GASLAND.


How does Laura know Molly?

Laura connected with Molly some months ago over email thanks to a serendipitous introduction from producer Batsheva Lazarus. Laura and Molly had a lot in common, from both attending Brown University, to dealing with Cancer (see below), to their 20something life pivots.

Laura and Molly finally met in May at Café Nadery in NYC over a few palliative glasses of wine as they discussed Molly’s new documentary.


Peanut Gallery, Molly’s new documentary is about…

Molly’s documentary retraces the loss of her sister Amy who at 14 died from Leukemia (Molly was 10). As voiced in her trailer, Molly felt compelled to retrace her childhood and most notably her family’s mourning—or lack thereof—after Amy’s death.


Why 20to30 cares about this story

As Molly’s life began to unravel in her mid-twenties, she felt increasingly “angry and disconnected.” Molly returned to her family home in Indiana and decided to confront her parents’ about Amy’s death as they attended family therapy.

We feel that this 20to30 story addresses issues of identity, family and loss which most of us will relate to!


How you can be part of this story

It’s not surprise that Molly surpassed her fundraising goals on Indiegogo within the campaign’s first week! Share Molly’s indiegogo campaign whose additional funds will be used for greater outreach. And if you can, donate! 


PEANUT GALLERY: Indiegogo Trailer from Molly Gandour on Vimeo.


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