Turn to your left… now turn to your right… which one of your adjacent co-workers would be mostly likely to stab in you in the back for a coveted job promotion?

Chances are… it’s probably the young new recruit straight out of undergrad.

A new study on LinkedIn reveals that the world’s latest generation of workers, so-called ‘millennials,’ are not only iPhone-crazed beasts but that they are also cold-hearted snakes in the workplace.

The study, which surveyed 11,500 full-time professionals from 14 countries about their work relationships, found that those from the youngest batch of professionals were most likely to ditch their work friends for the sake of a job promotion.

68 percent of professionals between the ages of 18 and 24 said that they would sacrifice a work friendship to get ahead in their career while 62 percent of baby boomers said that they would never stoop to such ruthless lows.

So, remain vigilant of the seemingly doe-eyed entry-level assistant. He or she might be the one to play Judas when push comes to shove.


Thomas Freeman is Texas-transplant and aspiring journalist trying (but often failing) to navigate New York City. A current NYU student, Thomas also writes articles and manages media content for 20to30.

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