In my 20s I went through many incarnations: From college, where I studied urban studies then media then business, then to cancer patient, and then to being a writer. I often got made fun of for it. “You’re always moving and you’re always changing jobs!” I heard from one boy. I guess I was in no rush to settle.

I also believed deep down there was something very wrong with me, that I was not good enough or smart enough to belong to any one profession. I always felt as though I was letting my family and friends down who seemed confused—and somewhat amused—with each new iteration of my job title.

As I reached my late 20s, I decided that since I had been declared “lost” (by some family members) I might as well keep exploring. So I pronounced myself a writer.

I don’t think anyone around me believed that I was going to stay a writer for very long, but it allowed me to explore my ideas, my stories, and eventually lead me to this–The 20to30 Project.

Here’s another interesting bit to my path: My first job out of college was at Warner Brothers in the video department. I often didn’t bother writing that job down on my CV since I stayed there for only a few months before the big C. I thought it was completely irrelevant to my career.

Nearly a decade later, I now understand why I spent four months learning about the profitability of videos. I could list every other job I’ve had in my 20s and explain how that job also became complicit in driving my life to this point.

It’s not because you’re 25 and confused about your life’s direction that your life is not building itself up. Sometimes, we owe our life more time and more exploration. Even in the darkness.

Laura is the founder of She decided to create an online community to share those universal 20to30 moments that never made it onto CVs, bios or wikipedia entries.

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