Graduating this year? If so you’re in luck, aside from walking the stage to the appauld of friends and family you’ll also be walking headfirst into a not-so-depressing job market.

According to a new survey released by researches at Michigan State University, employers forecast to hire 16% more grads with bachelor’s degrees compared to 2013.

“Employers are recruiting new college graduates at levels not seen since the dot-com frenzy of 1999-2000,” Phil Gardner, one of the study’s lead researchers told Michigan Live.

The survey pulled results from more than 5,700 companies from each state that said they’re looking to hire 120,000 new graduates this year.

When broken down, the biggest advantage will go to grads hoping to land an opportunity in the information services sector, which experienced the biggest hiring boost of 51%. Finance and Insurance came in second with a 31% increase. However, if you’re looking to land a teaching job, the odds are a bit slimmer. The educational services field dipped by 2% because “hiring in this sector never gels until late spring,”
But don’t get your hopes up just yet. Recruiters said they still come across under qualified candidates applying for positions they’re unfit for. And just because there are more jobs out there doesn’t necessarily mean that alone will deaden the competition.

Like a trip to the career services office would inform you, your résumé and cover letter are just as important as a first impression.
Translation? Doing your research before an interview and making sure your résumé is flawless still applies despite a healthier job market.

Needless to say, the class of 2014’s got it pretty good. In 2012, more than half of college grads were underemployed or jobless.

Who would have known two years would make such a huge difference?

Hats off to you class of 2014 and happy hunting!

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