“I should have figured out what to do with my life by now!”

Sound familiar? Been there, said that.

Despite being a first generation college grad and moving to New York City on my own, as well as crossing off some other goals of mine, I still wrestle with the pressure of “figuring it all out,” as if this were something expected of me at 24.

But the worst part about this entire process is when the lingering question we’re all too fond of emerges: What should I do with my life?

Which, according to professional life coach Kristen Miller is problematic and pressure-filled due to the emphasis on the word “should.” Instead of focusing on what you should do, she suggests embracing what you have already accomplished and rephrasing the question so that it focuses on skills, interests and goals that are of the moment.

Try asking yourself: What do I love doing right now? What could I spend a whole day doing and be perfectly happy? What actions, causes, people, or topics light me up and make me feel the most me?

Miller states that the key to getting over the feeling that you’re behind in your career is to “focus on what you love and what energizes you right now, and trust that the next step will reveal itself when the time is right.”

So be easy on yourself and remember how far you’ve come.

Andreina is 20to30’s social media and production associate sharing millennial soundbites across the web.

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