20to30 is thrilled to have stumbled upon this brilliant ode to Brooklyn life – a music video that celebrates the diversity of New York’s most populous borough.

Featuring only people found within the 5-block radius of McCarren Park, Catey Shaw’s inclusive music video for “Brooklyn Girls” is a celebration of the Brooklyn of 2014.

Never before have Brooklynites – or rather, the cluster of midwestern kids occupying Brooklyn’s previously black and Puerto Rican working-class neighborhoods, been so perfectly captured.

Seeing that Catey Shaw is shockingly not even from Brooklyn (She moved to Brooklyn a year ago…), we thank her for giving gentrification the music video it deserves!


Thomas Freeman is Texas-transplant and aspiring journalist trying (but often failing) to navigate New York City. A current NYU student, Thomas also writes articles and manages media content for 20to30.

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