Considered to be “one of the leading intellectuals of our time,” bell hooks, an international scholar, poet, feminist critic and radical thinker, is currently participating in her second residency at The New School.


You may notice that her name is in all lower case, and no that was not just a typo. This was a deliberate decision by hook to counter academic tradition and shift our focus from her identity as a writer to the content of her writing. It’s also a way to prove her dedication to the concept of transgression.


Her discussion panel series at The New School entitled “Transgressions” coincides with the 20th anniversary of her book Teaching to TransgressThe book includes conversations with other “trangressive” thinkers like Orange Is The New Black actress and LGBT activist Laverne CoxGloria Steinem, and Cornel West.


Topics range from “politics to love, race to spirituality, gender to lived bodies.”


As this series comes to a close, you can continue to participate in the conversation by watching and commenting on the livestreams below:


You can livestream her conversation with Laverne Cox here


And her conversation with Gloria Steinem here


Dyani Douze, resident of Brooklyn, is currently in final year at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. She is developing her interests in the relationship between the aural and the visual media through studying sound design and film scoring alongside film editing and production, more recently with an interest in documentary.