In honor of ninja cat saving the day we’ve decided to round up a list of famous internet felines leaving their digital paw print on memes and YouTube videos everywhere  and  melting the hearts of basically anyone with wifi.

Here’s who made the cut:

1.) Tara (Ninja Cat): If you haven’t already seen the video of Tara the dog-fighting cat dropkick a golden lab DO SO NOW:

2.) Grumpy Cat: Having a bad day? Tardar Sauce is here to make it worse.

grampy cat blog post

3.) The GoPro Kitten: If your heart doesn’t melt at the sight of this adorable ball of fluff coming back to life you have no soul.

4.) Keyboard Cat: Because let’s be real, what’s cooler than a cat who can play the piano? NOTHING.

5.) Rock Climbing Cat: No words.


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