Whether your an an entry-level employee fresh out of college or spearheading your industry in an executive role, knowing what career roadblocks to avoid is just as important as remembering why you fell in love with a job in the first place.


In a recent LinkedIn pieceDeepak Chopra listed the 3 career mistake to avoid as:


1.) Setting your expectations too low

2.) Feeling that you have to be certain 

3.) Not seeing how much you will grow 


His explanation for each:


1.) Low expectations


According to Chopra, very few people possess an “I can conquer the world mentality” and the reality is most of us are insecure and uncertain. If you relate with the latter, it’s important to avoid seeking a job solely for safety and security because you risk subconsciously lowering your expectations in the process.

Chopra notes that this mindset traps you into jobs that “have a low possibility of expanding into anything worthwhile.”


2.) The Certainty Trap 


Let’s be honest, uncertainty freaks everyone out. Not knowing whether you’ll have enough money to make rent next month or the uneasy feeling you experience as an unemployed post-grad reading Facebook updates of all your friends landing full-time jobs flat out sucks. The remedy? Bask in it.

The key here is not to look at uncertainty as an ambiguous black hole of perpetual not knowing, but as a place where anything can happen or as Chopra puts it, “real success is built upon making peace with uncertainty, turning the unknown into a field of creative possibilities.”


3.) Neglecting growth


When it comes to neglecting your own growth within a position or company, Chopra suggests reminding yourself that no matter how bad or monotonous a job may seem, it’s only temporary. “It’s a mistake to not see how much you will grow” he says, noting that your future self has a lot to offer after all.


You can read Chopra’s full article and list of mental guidelines that really successful people use here.


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