About 20to30 Founder, Laura Lehmann

Answering questions about your 20s you didn’t know how to ask.

Laura Lehman

Founder, Laura Lehmann: After a cancer diagnosis at 22 (lymphoma), a real lack of career direction, multiple moves between Europe and the East Coast of the US, I wanted to write a book about surviving the road from 20 to 30.

I started to interview friends about their 20s and discovered a rich tapestry of stories and experiences that had never been broadcast. Perhaps it was my innate sense of curiosity, or my time spent in the Sociology Department at Brown University, but I was riveted by the idea of interviewing thousands of people about their 20s. Soon my idea went from book, to blog, to video library, to media company.

I cannot fully put into words or videos how meaningful each interview has been to me. With each 20to30 story, my path has become less lonesome and intertwined with the lives of countless others across borders, career, culture and age. My life has since then also become a lot more fun, lights, camera, action and all!! As my twitter bio notes: I write, watch and cover stories. I also live them.

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